QBI Lab Research Areas & Capabilities

The QBI Lab has over 15 years experience of developing MRI biomarkers and performing advanced imaging biomarker studies. Our main applications areas are oncology, neuroscience and lung imaging. Particular research areas and capabilities of note include:

  • Expertise in MRI for the quantification of microvascular function using methods such as DCE-MRI and water exchange measurements. We apply these in a wide range of diseases including cancer, lung disease, rheumatoid arthritis and neurologicalconditions including Alzheimer's disease.
  • Expertise in oxygen-enhanced MRI for use in measuring ventilation and perfusion in pulmonary diseases and for inferring tumour oxygenation and hypoxia.
  • Expertise in diffusion MRI for quantification of tissue alterations in cancer and in neurological disease, including Alzheimer's disease, stroke and multiple sclerosis.
  • The development and supply of tissue mimetic materials for imaging, particularly for diffusion MRI and relaxometry.
  • Sodium MRI measurements in cancer and neurological conditions.
  • Track record of funding from industry, governmental funding agencies and major charities.
  • Experience with all major manufacturers’ MRI scanning hardware.
  • Clinical imaging and preclinical imaging, with access to a wide range of MRI facilities.

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